Satisfied Clients of J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

Our clients are global and include major corporations, agricultural and trade organizations, government agencies, and investment and trading companies who seek one or more of the following:
  • Reliable and insightful market and statistical information to better understand the key factors, critical trends and relevant issues that can affect the price of the coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton or orange juice markets
  • Greater insight into how soft commodities are leading indicators for the broader markets, global economic activity and U.S. currency valuation
  • Commodities trading guidance to better understand the fundamental and technical factors involved in the soft markets
  • Independent commodities research to get additional insights and unbiased opinions
  • Customized research, marketing guidance or consulting expertise to help make critical business, pricing or investment decisions that can affect their bottom line
  • Specialized training and education in futures, options and soft commodities
A representative list of our clients:
Investment and Commodities Trading Industry
  • Analysts
  • Commodities analysts
  • Commodities futures traders (CTAs)
  • Economists
  • ETF funds
  • Financial industry associations
  • Futures and options exchanges
  • Hedge funds
  • Hedgers
  • Investment banks
  • Managed futures funds
  • Traders - equity, fixed income, derivatives, hard commodities, etc.
  • Pension funds
  • Research departments
  • Speculators
  • Wealth management companies
Food and Agricultural Industries
  • Distributors (e.g. food, candy, beverage, baked goods, etc.)
  • Government agencies
  • Importers/exporters
  • Industry associations
  • Manufacturers (e.g. food, candy, beverage, baked goods, etc.)
  • Producers
  • Purchasers of raw cotton and yarn
  • Research departments
  • Roasters
  • Textile mills
  • Trade associations

*We strictly honor client confidentiality; although not named, we work with many of the major players in the industry.

Fan mail (All unsolicited, noteworthy, and appreciated): 
  • "Great report - every commodity you follow has different fundamentals but you make them simple to analyze and transmit confidence"
    • Paulo F. Siqueira Costa, Bioenergy consultant at PFSCosta e Associados, Brazil, Softs Weekly Wrap-Up
  • "This is an incredible report. It will take me a month to read it, maybe longer. Some of this I obviously know already but the charts and graphs are incredible and I am sure I will learn a lot"
    • Jim Roemer, Trading advisor/Meteorologist, USA, ENSO Report
  • "We are still making money on your opinions"
    • Andrey Kuznetsov, Hedge fund trader, Russia, Softs In-Depth Report, Softs Weekly Wrap-Up
  • "Regardless of whether you are right or wrong, I'd like to thank you for your responsiveness. Truly outstanding. You honor your clients like no one else I have encountered"
    • John Dell'Erario, Asset Manager, USA, Coffee Weekly Wrap-Up
  • "I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your success. I have become an absolute devout follower of your analysis and it has made a substantial improvement in my trading. I find your reports to be the best fundamental analysis available in any market. In the past two years of my subscription I have made well over 400 trades in coffee and have not had a losing trade. I can't think of a better testament to your expertise"
    • Bill Garcia, Trader, USA, Coffee Weekly Wrap-Up
  • "Thank you for creating such a succinct and helpful newsletter. It is nice to read a clear summary that is short and to the point - not a lot of fluff. I have several clients that also appreciate this publication (through a multi-user license) so please allow us to say thanks"
    • Kevin Penner, Commodity Broker, USA, Softs Weekly Wrap-Up
  • "I loved your analysis. Straight to the point. Very enjoyable reading. All I can say is congratulations"
    • Anonymous, Agribusiness, South America, Softs Weekly Wrap-Up

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The Fast Facts report designed for the ICE is now available for subscription.

The Coffee Weekly Report produced by Ms. Judy Ganes is now available in Spanish.

Ms. Ganes will team up with Colombian based, Café Trading Advisors to offer Web-based courses that will cover important and valuable information.