Why Choose J. Ganes Consulting

"We are completely independent and impartial"
Because we are independently owned and operated, we are completely impartial with no conflicting interests.

"We are the most experienced in the soft commodities industry"
With nearly three decades of analyzing all five tropical soft markets through multiple bull
and bear cycles, we are the most experienced experts in the soft commodities and
futures industry.

"We are expert in all five tropical softs"
Because we're expert in all five markets—coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and orange juice - we're the one source for all your soft commodities-related research, reports, education and consulting needs. No one knows these markets as thoroughly as we do.

"We are skilled synthesizers and interpreters of information who provide market reports that are a cut above the rest"
Unlike other services that just focus on data compilation, we filter and synthesize supply and demand information drawn from critical industry data feeds, publications and our personal industry relationships cultivated from over 25 years specializing in the food and agricultural industries. We provide the most comprehensive market coverage including on-target price forecasts, expert analysis, insightful opinions and market commentary on the key factors, critical trends and pertinent issues that can affect the price of soft commodities anywhere along the global supply chain. We then package it all in an easy, readable report format that provides clear, concise conclusions that save you time and help you make money.

"We give you an edge with our unrivaled proprietary database"
Our proprietary database - comprising over 50 years of historical and relevant soft commodities data - helps us to uniquely interpret information, putting it in both an historical and present-day context to support your financial and investment decisions.

"We are easy to do business with!"

The Fast Facts report designed for the ICE is now available for subscription.

The Coffee Weekly Report produced by Ms. Judy Ganes is now available in Spanish.

Ms. Ganes will team up with Colombian based, Café Trading Advisors to offer Web-based courses that will cover important and valuable information.